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Addimus was setup by it's directors Toby Bonney and Colin Dawson in 2011. Their vision was to assemble the some of the industries best appointment setters in order to deliver a unique service based upon quality over quantity to a select number of clients.  Addimus has seen a quick but deliberately controlled growth to ensure that we maintain an exceptionally high level of service to all our clients. Our experience lies within the technology and creative services sector, and we have worked with some of the industries largest IT companies as well as more specialised small and medium business. 
Addimus provides the tools that business' need to increase sales from existing and new customers. From building your foundation in the form of a live data base to identifying opportunities, and actually putting you in front of decision makers. Addimus can support your growth in the market of your choice.

We are a small specialised team focussed on quality. We find real opportunities and develop the first stages of successful relationships between you and businesses you want to sell to. Whether you are a large or small technology/creative company with solutions or services, we have the necessary skills shorten your sales cycle and close bigger deals.

Our Directors
@ Addimus
Toby Bonney - Director
Toby Bonney founded Addimus with Colin Dawson in 2011. Toby has created and managed successful EMEA wide campaigns on behalf of some of the worlds biggest technology companies. 
Colin Dawson Director
As a founding member with Toby Bonney, Colin Dawson has a wealth of experience in business management and field sales. Having previously been a Director for one of the UK's largest design/content management agencies.