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Delivering new business opportunities  
to creative and technology companies
Data Cleansing - Setting your foundation for increased sales

Creating a Live Database

While databases can be confirmed at switchboard level, we go one step further and engage with the prospects directly as well.  This enables us to confirm more personal details (direct telephone numbers etc) and uncover any upcoming opportunities that may be in that company.


By using this method we can provide you with the key decision makers details and also a timeline of when the next relevant projects are coming up.


While you can pick and choose, as standard we offer the following information for each contact we cleanse or discover for you:


-          Company name

-          First and surname

-          Job title

-          Area of responsibility (if applicable)

-          Department/Business unit

-          Phone Number

-          Email address

-          Office Address

-          Comments field with additional information that was obtained during the cleansing.




Making the most of Data Cleansing

By combining our data cleansing service with our appointment setting you can be sure that both campaigns will deliver maximum ROI, and your data base will be live and producing results consistently with companies and decision makers that have relevant projects.  


This also means that because of the added visibility of projects that our data cleansing service provides, you will not miss opportunities and you can be sure that our appointment setting skills will get you in front of the decision maker at the right time.